NodeJS module for Magento 1.x SOAP API using promises

magento, soap, promises, nodejs, wsdl
npm install magento-soap-promise@0.0.3


Magento Client

Author: Peter Driessen -

This module let's you connect with a Magento 1.x webshop via SOAP V2 using the wsdl method. I still need to add a lot of methods, but I also explained how to create a custom method on your own.

Hope this helps you. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Regards, Peter


Install via npm:

npm i --save magento-soap-promise
// Copyright 2017 Peter Driessen -
// MIT License:

'use strict';

const magentoClient = require('magento-soap-promise')

var mag = new magentoClient('', 'Username', 'ApiKey');

mag.connect().then( sessionid => {
	return mag.getOrder('900000744');
}).then((result) => {
}).catch( error => {

Sales Orders Methods


Get information about a single order


Get all pending sales orders


Get all processing orders

commentOrder(increment_id, status, comment)

Add comment to an order, including new status and a comment description

Order Shipments Methods


Get shipment information

commentShipment(shipment_id, comment)

Add comment to a shipment

createShipment(increment_id, comment)

Create a shipment for an order, including a comment

Catalog Methods


Get product information


Get stock information about one or more products, argument is an array of product ID's

setStock(product_id, qty)

Update stock quantity for a single product

And more to follow...

Custom methods

Basically all methods above make use of the custom method. You can create any method you want, based on the Magento documentation.

Example how to create your own method:

  1. Go to

  2. Have a look at the SOAP V2 example

  3. Copy the method behind $result = $proxy->, which is: catalogInventoryStockItemUpdate

  4. Have a look at the wsdl file you used to connect and search for catalogInventoryStockItemUpdate

  5. You will find this piece of code:

    <message name="catalogInventoryStockItemUpdateRequest">
    	<part name="sessionId" type="xsd:string"/>
    	<part name="product" type="xsd:string"/>
    	<part name="data" type="typens:catalogInventoryStockItemUpdateEntity"/>
  6. SessionId is always send along our custom method, product needs a string and data is an argument as well. You have seen these arguments in the documentation at step 1 if it's correct.

  7. You can construct the arguments object like this:

    var args = {
    	product: '2227',
    	data: { 
    		qty: '46' 
  8. You can now use your custom method like in this full example:

    'use strict';
    const mag = require('./magentoClient2');
    var mag = new magentoClient();
    mag.connect('', 'username', 'apiKey').then( sessionid => {
    	// arguments
    	var args = {
    		product: '2227',
    		data: { 
    			qty: '46' 
    	return mag.customCall('catalogInventoryStockItemUpdate', args);
    }).then((result) => {
    	// output result in JSON