MongoDB and jsonschema express rest api

npm install majera@0.2.1



MongoDB And JSON Schema in an Express-based Rest Api

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Majera is a spawnable express-based rest api which saves to mongodb and validates data based on jsonschema. Install it through npm install majera.


All options are optional. These are all options with their defaults:

const majera = require('majera');

const options = {
  app: null,                           // Bring your own express app, or Majera will create and launch one
  basePath: '/majera',                 // Base path for all public urls
  callback: null                       // Function called when server is ready
  models: {},                          // A javascript object with models as values. See models below.
  modelsPath: null                     // Path to folder containing models, each in their own module file. See models below.
  mongodbUri: process.env.MONGODB_URI, // A working MongoDB
  port: process.env.PORT || 3000,      // Port for express to use, not used if you bring your own express app
  verify: null,                        // Verify function to be used in basic auth

const majeraServer = majera(options);


Models can be provided in their own folder. Each in their own module file. Modules should be javascript objects and should look somewhat like this:


module.exports = () => ({
  // Pretty name
  name: 'Message',

  // JSON Schema definition
  schema: {
    properties: {
      body: {
        required: true,
        type: String,
    required: ['title'],
    type: 'object',