make-toc 1.2.3

A Shell script to automatically generate a Table of Contents from Markdown files.


Platform: npm

Language: Shell

License: MIT

Keywords: markdown, table, contents, shell, toc, table of contents, headers

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A Shell script to automatically generate a Table of Contents from Markdown files.




npm install -g make-toc


  1. Clone the repo or download as a ZIP and extract it.
  2. Add the markdown file you want to generate a ToC for to the project's folder.



make-toc ...opts


. ./ ...opts


  • - The markdown file a ToC should be generated for.
  • - A filename to label the script's output, e.g.


This section outlines flags for the script which may be used individually or in combination.

-s <n> or --skip <n>

Skips n headers from the top of the file.

For example, to omit the file's title header use:

make-toc -s 1

-d <n> or --depth <n>

Sets the maximum depth for the table.

For example, to generate a fairly shallow table of the top-level and second-level headers only, use:

make-toc -d 2

Passing -d 0 to the script will result in default behaviour, i.e. full depth.


1.2.3 January 11, 2017
1.2.2 January 11, 2017
1.2.1 December 21, 2016
1.2.0 December 15, 2016
1.1.8 October 02, 2016
1.1.7 October 02, 2016
1.1.6 September 30, 2016
1.1.5 September 25, 2016
1.1.5-docs September 25, 2016
1.1.4 September 21, 2016
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