Common functions for system deployment.

build, cli, deploy, fs, install, masson, ssh, system, task
npm install mecano@0.6.0


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Node.js Nikita

Nikita gather a set of functions usually used during system deployment. Documentation is available on the project website.

Main features

  • Consistent Usage
    All the functions share the same API, accepting options and a user callback in a flexible manner. Once you learn the core usage, you only learn the options of the actions you wish to execute.
  • Everything is a file
    No agent to install, no database to depends on. Your project is just another Node.js package easily versionned in Git and any SCM, easily integrated with your CI and CD DevOps tools.
  • Idempotence
    Call a function multiple times and expect the same result. You’ll be informed of any modifications and can retrieve defailed information.
  • Documentation Learn fast. Source code is self-documented with the most commons usages enriched by many examples. Don’t forget to look at the tests as well.
  • Flexibility Deliberatly sacrifying speed for a maximum of strength, ease of use and flexibility. The simple API allows us to constantly add new functionnality without affecting the API.
  • Composition Built from small and reusable actions imbracated into complex system. It follows the Unix philosophie of building small small single-building blocks with a clear API.
  • SSH support All the functions run transparently over SSH. Look at the tests, they are all executed both locally and remotely.
  • Reporting Advanced reports can be optained by providing a log function, listening to stdout and stderr streams, generating diffs and backups.
  • Reliability Feel confident. The modules are used in production for years and the code is enforced by an extensive test coverage.
  • Suppport The package is open sourced with one of the least restrictive license. Involve yourself and contributes to open source development by sending pull requests or requesting commercial support offered by Adaltas.


npm install nikita


For the tests to execute successfully, you must:

  • be online (attempt to fetch an ftp file)
  • be able to ssh yourself (eg ssh $(whoami)@localhost) without a password
# run all package tests from the package directory
cd packages/core && npm test
# run all package tests from the project directory
yarn workspace @nikita/core run test
# or a subset of the tests
npm run build && npx mocha test/api/**.coffee

Some of the tests require a specific environment. You are encouraged to customize which tests you wish to run and to use docker container.

To filter and configure your tests, you can either create a "" at the root of this project or point the "MECANO_TEST" environment variable to such a file. You can use the file "" as a starting point.

There are tests prepared to run on CentOS and Ubuntu using docker. Goto to one of the docker directory and run docker-compose, here's an example to run tests on CentOS:

cd env/centos7 # or any other directory
# Run all tests
docker-compose up --abort-on-container-exit
# Enter bash console
docker-compose run --rm nodejs
# Run a subset of the tests
docker-compose run --rm nodejs 'test/core/*'