Output stream plugin for mutator-io to interface with DynamoDB

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npm install mutator-io-plugin-out-dynamodb@0.1.6


Mutator I/O

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Mutator I/O is a tiny library to handle data transformations. It uses RxJS to compose streams of data from a source (inputStream) to a destination (outputStream)


npm i mutator-io


The concept of a "pipe" in Mutator I/O is simply an input stream piped into an output stream

interface Pipe {
  name: string
  in: InputStream<any>
  out: OutputStream<any>

Input output

import { MutatorIO } from 'mutator-io'
import * as MqttInputStream from 'mutator-io-plugin-in-mqtt'
import * as DynamoDBOutputStream from 'mutator-io-plugin-out-dynamodb'

const myPipe = {
  name: 'myPipeName',
  in: new MqttInputStream({
    url: 'mqtt://localhost:1883',
    topics: ['mytopic']
  out: new DynamoDBOutputStream(),

const mutator = new MutatorIO([myPipe])

Main library signature

interface Config {
  COLORS?: boolean

class MutatorIO {
  // Constructor receives an array of Pipes and an optional Config object
  constructor(pipes: Array<Pipe>, config?: Config)
  // Used internally by subscription to remove a trasnformer
  removeTransformer(pipeName: string, index: number): boolean
  // Main method used to add a transformation to an existing pipe
  transform(pipeName: string, transform: TransformStream<any>): Subscription
  // Subscribes to the streams and start listening to inputStreams
  start(): void

Default Input/Transform/Output streams

  • Input

    • MQTT available through npm i mutator-io-plugin-in-mqtt
  • Output

    • DynamoDB available through npm i mutator-io-plugin-out-dynamodb

Adding transformations

Once you create a pipe, you have the possiblity to append data transformations to manipulate / aggregate / mutate the incoming data as you please (before it gets to the outputStream in the pipe)

Input transform output

import * as DynamoDBOutputStream from 'mutator-io-plugin-out-dynamodb'

// Transform can be a simple function
// or a function returning an Observable or a Promise
mutator.transform('myPipeName', (msg) => msg + 'something')
mutator.transform('myPipeName', (msg) => Rx.Observable.from([msg + 'something']))
mutator.transform('myPipeName', (msg) => Promise.resolve(msg + 'something else delayed'))

// Transformers can implement Typescript interfaces provided by output Streams
// E.G. this transform operation transforms the incoming payload from myPipeName
// into a DynamoDB delete query, treating payload as the key of the item to delete
mutator.transform('myPipeName', (msg): DynamoDBOutputStream.Message => {
  operation: DynamoDBOutputStream.Operations.DELETE,
    params: {
      TableName: 'processor_test',
      Key: {
        id: msg.payload,

mutator-io Typescript documentation


This project leverages lerna.js to handle multiple npm packages at the same time. Use npm i && lerna bootstrap to initialise the main repository as well as all the sub-packages. This will also act just like npm link so the packages that depends on eachothers will keep working. pre-commit ensures that commits are linted and tests are green in order to perform a new commit.

Top level NPM Scripts

"build"          // Builds all packages via tsc
"test"           // Runs lerna bootstrap and runs tests across all packages
"lint"           // Lints (and tries to fix) source code for all the packages

NPM Scripts present in all packages

Each package has the possibility to run the following scripts:

"build"          // Builds the files using tsc
"build:watch"    // Builds the files using tsc with -w argument recompile on change
"doc"            // Generates the documentation leveraging Typescript via Typedoc
"test"           // Launches mocha tests
"test:watch"     // Launches mocha tests with watch optin to retrigger on change
"test:debug"     // Launches iron-node with source maps support to debug tests