Component for showing notifications to users

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npm install n-notification@0.0.0


n-notification Circle CI

Component for showing onsite notification bars to users. Concurrent notifications are stacked, most recent at the top.



import nNotification from 'n-notification';

	title: 'Optional title',
	content:'<p>Here is a message</p>',
	type: 'success', // optional, see below
	duration: 7000, // default is 5000, 0 will require user action to dismiss
	focusSelector: '.optional-focus-selector',
	returnFocusSelector: document.activeElement

Custom Events

import nNotification from 'n-notification';

const event = new CustomEvent('nNotification.show', {detail: { content: 'Title' }});


type is optional, but if specified must have one of the following values:

  • error, produces an error styled notification (red).
  • success, styled green

If a type is not provided, it will result in a default FT pink notification.

Focus Selectors

If you want to set the focus to a notification element, pass in the focusSelector and returnFocusSelector properties with an element (e.g. .optional-focus-selector) or a document property (e.g. document.activeElement). The focusSelector property is the notification element you want to focus on. The returnFocusSelector property is the element you want to return the focus to once the notification has cleared.

Duration and accessibility

The timeout default is 5000ms.

0 will require the users to explicitly dismiss the message. This is the recommended UX from DAC It was highlighted this could be too quick for dyslexic or some cognitively different users in Aug 2019 DAC assesment.

Ideas for the future

  • Using the Notifications and PageVisibility APIs to show people notifications with the FT open in the background.
  • Firing messages and notifications from Server Sent Events


  1. Install dependencies with obt install
  2. Watch and rebuild source and demos on change with obt demo --watch --run-server