next-tick 1.0.0

Environment agnostic nextTick polyfill


Platform: npm

Language: JavaScript

License: MIT

Keywords: nexttick, setImmediate, setTimeout, async

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Environment agnostic nextTick polyfill

To be used in environment agnostic modules that need nextTick functionality.

  • When run in Node.js process.nextTick is used
  • In modern browsers microtask resolution is guaranteed by MutationObserver
  • In other engines setImmediate or setTimeout(fn, 0) is used as fallback.
  • If none of the above is supported module resolves to null



In your project path:

$ npm install next-tick


To port it to Browser or any other (non CJS) environment, use your favorite CJS bundler. No favorite yet? Try: Browserify, Webmake or Webpack

Tests Build Status

$ npm test


1.0.0 June 09, 2016
0.2.2 April 18, 2014
0.2.1 February 24, 2014
0.2.0 February 24, 2014
0.1.0 August 29, 2012

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