Great colleciton of beautiful designed material components

angular2, ng2, material, form
npm install ng2-materialcomponents@0.0.9



Angular 2 components/directives beautifully designed and ready to use

Documentation in progress .. :-)

Now that I updated the library to the final release of Angular I will be adding more documentation to the library but I am still actively changing the componentsand adding new ones. This library is not 100% rady for production yet but you are morethan welcome to give a try and use the issue and pull requests sections up there :-)


In the mean time you can run the following to play with the demo locally:

npm install -g gulp gulp-cli

npm install

npm run

Note: This version is already running on the final version of Angular 4. In order to avoid some confusiones regarding version numbers and bumping version number to 0.4.0.

In addition, if you want to give it a try to Angular 4 you can use the angular-4 branch