Awesome editor for Angular 6 based on Angular Material

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Getting started

Step 1: Install Angular Material (+ Material Icons) and Angular Flex Layout
Step 2: Install cropperjs
    yarn add cropperjs
Step 3: Add cropperjs file paths in your .angular.json
       "styles": [
       "scripts": [
Step 4: Install ngx-image-editor:
   yarn add ngx-image-editor
Step 5: Import the NgxImageEditorModule within your app:
      import {NgxImageEditorModule} from "ngx-image-editor";

        imports: [
Step 6: Use within your application:
   <ngx-image-editor [config]="yourConfig"></ngx-image-editor>


Property Description
[config] An object containing editor configuration (see Configuration)
(file) The emitted file after editing.


Property Description
ImageName Name of the image.
ImageUrl URL of the image (if it coming from a CDN) .
File File object of the image (if it is being uploaded through the browser.
ImageType Type of the image (default is image/jpeg).
AspectRatios Array of aspect ratios. Available options: 0:0, 1:1 , 2:3 ,4:3, 16:9l . (default is 0:0)


  selector: 'app-root',
   styleUrls: ['./app.component.css']
  template: `


export class AppComponent {
  public config = {
    ImageName: 'Some image',
    AspectRatios: ["4:3", "16:9"],
    ImageUrl: '',
    ImageType: 'image/jpeg'

  public close() {
    // Fired when the editor is closed.

  public getEditedFile(file: File) {
    // Fired when the file has been processed.


Hristo Georgiev Taulant Disha
Hristo Georgiev Taulant Disha