Quaility measure calculation engine

npm install node-qme@0.3.0



This project is an abstract implementation of the quality-measure-engine used by Bonnie/Cypress/popHealth. It provides the ability to calculate electronic clinical quality measures given a PatientSource.

This package does not provide any PatientSource implementations. It is expected that this library will be used by other libraries, such as node-cqm-engine, which provides a PatientSource that pulls data from MongoDB.


Users of this library are expected to provide a PatientSource for the Executor to use to obtain patient data. A PatientSource must implement the following functions:

  • next - This function takes no arguments. It provides the next Patient object from its underlying data source. The returned Patient objects are expected to be instances of the Patient class in fhir-patient-api.
  • reset - This function takes no arguments, but should cause the PatientSource to restart its iteration from the first patient.

It is expected that the PatientSource passed to the Executor will be initialized and ready to read from whatever underlying data source it uses (database, flat file, etc).


yarn install


yarn test


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