Matrix bot nodes for Node-RED

node-red, matrix, bot
npm install node-red-contrib-matrixbot@0.0.2


Matrix bot nodes for Node-RED

This package contains nodes to send and receive messages as a Matrix node.

Quick usage guide

This package adds 3 node types to Node-RED palette (Matrix section, at the bottom):

  • Matrix sender: sends messages from your Node-RED flow to the chatroom
  • Matrix receiver: listens to messages in a chatroom and sends them to your Node-RED flow
  • Matrix command: listens only to messages starting with a specific command and sends them to your Node-RED flow

All of these nodes require a Matrix Configuration with the following settings:

  • User ID: the user ID in the matrix server, for instance
  • Access token: the access token of the user in the matrix server
  • Server URL: URL of the Matrix homeserver, e.g.
  • Room ID: ID of the chatroom to join when starting. If no room is specified, it will automatically join any room where it is invited

Install guide

Make sure you have Docker installed, run:

git clone
cd node-red-contrib-matrixbot
npm install
docker run --rm -it -p 1880:1880 --name mynodered -v `pwd`:/data/nodes nodered/node-red-docker

Then open in a browser.