A collection of node modules for The Really Project

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npm install nodemod@3.0.6



A collection of node modules for The Really Project

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Helper functions made specifically for The Really Project. All modules are shipped in ES Modules and users are required to create their own CJS builds if needed, or use esm for bundle-less module loader.

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# Install via NPM
$ npm i nodemod
# [OPTIONAL] Only install this as `devDependencies` if you do not use
# any bundler or compiler for your project. Note that all modules are 
# exported using ES modules. See Usage section for more details.
$ npm i -D esm


All modules are exported using JavaScript's ES modules. Users are recommended to use esm to run their scripts.

// index.js
import { html } from 'nodemod/dist/lit-ntml/index.js';

await html`<h1>Hello, World!</h1>`;
$ node -r esm index.js # Run script with `esm` to transpile ES Modules on the fly.

Available modules

  • calendar - Minimal module to compute a calendar
  • deep-clone - Simple and fast deep cloning
  • delay-until - A typical delay function but Promise based
  • fetch-as - Simple fetch helper with type resolver
  • lit-ntml - Expressive HTML Templates
  • normalize-diacritics - Remove accents/ diacritics in string
  • polling-observer - A new way of running polling function with observer pattern
  • scryptify - A stronger encryption and decryption in Node.js
  • signatur - Sign and unsign HTTP request with ease
  • utc-date - Generate UTC date with various offsets
  • utc-time - Generate UTC time with various offsets

Deno equivalent

Showing some ❤️ and support for deno.


MIT License © Rong Sen Ng