Quasar Framework UI for Nuxt

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npm install nuxt-quasar-vite@1.0.3


Quasar for Nuxt

This Nuxt module expose UI Components and Utils (Composables, Directives and Plugins) from Quasar Framework UI to Nuxt. This module only can be use on Nuxt with Vite: nuxt ^3.0.0-rc.2.


  • Nuxt SSR for Quasar components.
  • Quasar components that are auto imported by Nuxt.
  • Quasar directives.
  • Quasar composables that are auto imported by Nuxt.
  • Quasar plugins, opt-in imported.
  • Quasar variables on SFC styles.
  • Quasar utils that are auto imported by Nuxt.
  • Nuxt modern and universal, develop and production Nitro server (with API and Middlewares).
  • Nuxt SSG static site generate.


  • No Quasar Develop Modes (Electron, Capcitor, BEX, etc.)
  • The use of ClientOnly Nuxt component on your Layout.
  • Not all directives have been tested. There is an issue with v-ripple (more related to vue than quasar or nuxt), you can read about it in the TODO section. Since quasar v2.7.3


At your Nuxt project folder:

# Install dependencies
yarn add -D quasar sass@1.32.12 @quasar/extras nuxt-quasar-vite

@quasar/extras is optional.

At nuxt.config.ts add module name:

  // Add quasar to build.transpile is OPTIONAL since v1.0.3
  build: {
    transpile: ['quasar']
  // Add nuxt-quasar-vite to modules
  modules: ['nuxt-quasar-vite'],

Add Quasar components to your vue files:

<!-- app.vue or layouts/default.vue -->
  <QLayout view="hHh lpR fFf">
      <QPage padding class="column flex-center q-gutter-xl">
        <!-- if on layouts use `slot`. if on app.vue use `NuxtPage` -->
        <slot />

Nuxt Starter Template

There is available a Starter Template. Repository

In this template are configured:

  • Default Layout: layouts/defaults.vue
  • Default Pages like index.vue
  • Use @nuxt/content@^2.1.1 and @nuxt/image-edge, and modifies ProseImg to use QImg.


# <nuxt-app> it's the name of your project folder
npx nuxi init -t gh:memotux/nuxt-quasar-template <nuxt-app>

cd <nuxt-app>

yarn install 



  sassVariables: true,
  css: ['quasar/src/css/index.sass'],
  plugins: ['Notify'],
  config: {
    dark: true


At nuxt.config.ts you can add a quasar configKey object:

  // Optionaly use 'quasar' configKey
  // ...
  quasar: {
    // Optional string | boolean
    sassVariables: 'assets/quasar.variables.scss',
    // Optional string[]
    // If you use animations, add Quasar Extra CSS animation URL here.
    css: ['@quasar/extras/material-icons/material-icons.css'],
    // List of extra Quasar Plugins
    // auto-instaled: [Platform, Body, Dark, Screen, History, Lang, IconSet]
    // optional: [AddressbarColor, AppFullscreen, AppVisibility, BottomSheet, Dialog,
    //            LoadingBar, Loading, Notify, LocalStorage, SessionStorage]
    plugins: ['Dialog'],
    /* Quasar UI config -- you'll notice in Quasar docs when you need it */
    config: { 
      dark: false
  // ...

Quasar Utils

For use Quasar Utils autoimport feature, prefix quasar util function name with q character. This is a difference with Quasar Framework, but make using utils safe.

<script setup>
// Autoimport Quasar Util `date` using `qdate` 
const newDate = qdate.addToDate(new Date(), {days: 7, months: 1})

// Or use implicit #imports if you want to destructurate
import { qdate } from '#imports'

const { addToDate } = qdate
const newDate = addToDate(new Date(), {days: 7, months: 1})

Quasar SCSS variables

If you need Quasar SCSS variables on your SASS/SCSS assets files import quasar variables file and/or your custom variables file to yor assets file.

// @/assets/styles/main.scss
// Order of import matters
@import './quasar.variables.scss';
@import 'quasar/src/css/variables.sass';

.container {
  border-color: $primary

For more information, you can read the Quasar Vite Plugin docs, and quasar.config.ts framework docs.


  • Add to quasar configKey animations.
  • Add to quasar configKey iconSet and icon libraries.
  • Since quasar v2.7.3 v-ripple issue was fixed by Quasar Framework Team. Directive v-ripple doesn't work. There is an issue with vue ^3.2.33. I propose a PR to a temporary fix. The current best solution is defineExpose({$q}) on <script setup> on components using v-ripple. Example at: ./playgraound/app.vue.
  • Add Quasar Utils.
  • Stop using ClientOnly component.


  • git clone
  • Run yarn dev:prepare to generate type stubs.
  • Use yarn dev to start playground in development mode.