strip out html tags from strings nested in javascript objects

json, html, parse
npm install object-html-scrubber@1.0.0


Object HTML Scrubber

This module recursively drills down into a javascript object or array searching for HTML string values. When html strings are encountered, it parses the HTML and removes values that match a given CSS selector. It returns an object containing the value that was passed, shorn of its offending HTML, and an array of the (escaped) html strings that were removed.

scrubber(obj, selectors)


obj - any javascript object or array. HTML strings will be sought out even if they are nested several levels deep.

selectors - an array of strings, where each string is a CSS selector for elements that should be stripped out. The default value is ['script', 'iframe'].

Returns: an object with 2 keys, scrubbed, whose value is the object without the offending html elements, and incidents, an array of offending elements (as escaped HTML strings) that were found in the object.