Throw better errors when your server says oh shit

npm install oh-shit@2.1.0



Yet another HTTP error library

OhShit was designed with services like Sentry and Seneca in mind, where simply throwing a plain Error does not provide enough information. OnShit! also provides developers the ability to choose which HTTP error codes to return with the response.

OhShit errors can be wrapped in multiple layers, so that sensitive error information can be hidden from the public. Meanwhile, a helpful causation chain mechanism allows precise capture of exactly what went wrong.

Getting Started

$ npm install oh-shit --save
const OhShit       = require('oh-shit');

throw OhShit();
// 500 - Internal Server Error

You can also specify HTTP error codes

throw OhShit(404);
// 404 - Not Found

You can define custom codes

  'something_bad': { status: 400, message: 'Kaboom!' }

throw OhShit('something_bad');
// 400 - Kaboom!

You can also add more information

throw OhShit('something_bad', {
  status: 404,
  message: 'Oops!',
  details: 'here',
  cause: new Error('original error')

// 404 - Oops!
// err.cause -> [Error: original error]
// err.details -> { details: 'here' }

When you need to send an error response, you can do this

throw OhShit('auth-failed', {
  cause: OhShit('user-not-found')
function(err, req, res, next) {

Meanwhile, you can access the entire causation chain by doing this

const data = err.summary(true);

/* Now you can send this off to Sentry or write to logs */