```shell npm install onwheel-fix ``` [Documentation](https://pixelass.github.io/onwheel-fix/)

npm install onwheel-fix@0.3.4



npm install onwheel-fix


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Mousewheel fix for certain browsers that just don't get it right Includes:

  • fix for Safari 9 & 10: in Safari 9 & 10 the default event is debounced, therefore broken. The issue seems to occur due to the eleastic scroll and appeared with Safari 9 which allows eleasic scroll in nested containers. to fix this issue the html and/or body element usually has to be set to overflow: hidden;. In many cases this comes with drawbacks or breaks other things. Preventing the default event and then applying the deltaY to the scrollTop of the rootNode fixes the issue without other hacks.
    • Attemt: prevent the mousewheel event and move the rootNode manually.
    • Concern: impact on performance?

Safari bugreport

import FixWheel from 'onwheel-fix'

const mousewheel = new FixWheel('mousewheel')



init(rootNode) -> Boolean

initializes the fix

  • rootNode: a DOM node, usually document.body but can be any other root element.

destroy() -> Boolean

removes the fix