OpenWanderer is a project to produce a 100% free and open source panoramas platform. This addon to the main JavaScript API adds transition effects between panoramas. Transition code written by Eesger Toering, adapted by nickw to integrate with OpenWandere

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npm install openwanderer-jsapi-transitions@0.0.2


The OpenWanderer JavaScript API.

This repo contains the OpenWanderer JavaScript API. The core API is present, in addition to various add-ons.

The core API

This is in the core directory. At present, the following classes exist:

OpenWanderer.Viewer - a viewer class. A thin wrapper around the PhotoSphereViewer.Viewer class from photo-sphere-viewer. Allows addition of markers and polylines using WGS84 lat/lon and elevation in metres. These are internally converted to spherical coordinates.

OpenWanderer.Navigator - a class allowing navigation from one pano to the next. Designed to be modular; not specifically coupled to one navigation system (e.g. pano sequences or OSM-based navigation). See comments in the class for more detail. The OpenWanderer.Navigator must be used with a sequence provider of some kind. A sequence provider is a function that will return a sequence, which can be displayed and navigated along. Details of what data the sequence provider must return are included in the source code. Note that OpenWanderer.Navigator requires a server component to work correctly - details to follow.

OpenWanderer.SimpleSequenceProvider - a class which provides a simple sequence from an API which returns a sequence containing an array of pano objects as JSON, see the source for more detail.


At present only one add-on API is available, the transitions API containing transitions developed by Eesger Toering. These produce a nice transition effect when moving from one pano to another. Note that currently there are some artefacts if point markers (representing pano locations) are present on your panorama, though polylines (representing the route of a sequence) are OK.


Demos can be found in the examples directory. Currently there are two basic demos, one showing usage of OpenWanderer.Viewer and the other showing usage of OpenWanderer.Navigator.