Ozone API to save a edited video

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npm install ozone-api-edit-video@5.4.50


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Ozone-components is a library of Polymer and JavaScript modules that should facilitate development of web front-end for Ozone. Elements are available in JavaScript and typeScript.

Elements are split in 4 categories:

  • ozone-api: Provide low level interface to Ozone server.
  • ozone-material: provide paper material design to display specific Ozone content. (Based on Polymer)
  • ozone-helper: provide generic class helper.
  • ozone-logic: provide helper class for Ozone operation.


See demo application demo.


  • ozone-helper:

  • ozone-api:

    • ozone-typescript-client is a typescript module that manages connection and communication to ozone.
    • ozone-api-type ozone-api-type (DEPRECATED) is a low level module to Ozone type API. It provides read operation on collection type.
    • ozone-api-authentication (DEPRECATED) Low level wrapper around Ozone login, logout and authentication API.
    • ozone-api-upload UploadFileRequest is a JavaScript class that can be use as an XMLHttpRequest to upload media using Ozone v2 upload channel.
    • ozone-api-edit-video ES6 module written in TypeScript to save selected video chunks.
    • ozone-api-item Low level ES6 module to Ozone API. It provide CRUD operation and search in a given collection.
  • ozone-logic

    • ozone-collection Generic Polymer web-component to manage collection of Ozone items.
    • ozone-iron-list Implementation of an iron-list to display an Ozone search result with lazy loading.
    • ozone-media-url Helper to convert Ozone id to media preview.
  • ozone-material

Get started

This project contains a set of npm library that can be installed individually. There are aimed to be builded with webpack. See the demo project for webpack configuration example.


Any contribution and comment are welcomed.

Do not hesitate to report issues and ask questions in previously reported issues.

You are also more than welcomed to suggest fixes through pull requests.

A Lerna project

ozone-components are centralized in a Lerna repo. Please refer to Lerna documentation for generic usage such as project import, dependency installation or project bootstraping.

Set up

$ yarn install
$ npm run bower
$ npm run bootstrap
$ npm run build

Viewing demo Application

$ npm run demo

Open a browser in http://localhost:9000

Running Tests

$ npm run test

Generate documentation

$ npm run doc