Dropbox adapter for parse-server

parse-server, dropbox
npm install parse-server-dropbox-adapter@1.0.2


Parse Server: Dropbox storage adapter

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$ npm install --save parse-server-dropbox-adapter


filesAdapter: {
  module: 'parse-server-dropbox-adapter',
  options: {
    token: 'dropbox oauth token',
    prefix: '',
    publicUrl: (prefix, name, join) =>
      join('', `${prefix}${name}`)
Option Default Description
token required
prefix '' A prefix to apply to all filenames. Can be set to e.g. '/foo/' to put all files in a subdirectory. A / will be prefixed if one isn't there already, unless the string is empty.
publicUrl required A function that takes the prefix and a filename and returns a string for the public URL of the file, or false to disable public URLs. Third argument is url-join, a join-like function for URLs.


You need a Dropbox token set as DROPBOX_TOKEN in the environment to run tests. It is recommended to set this to a dedicated "App Folder Only" token, so the tests cannot access anything else and cannot mess up your Dropbox with its temporary files. Also, app folders are not synced to your desktop by default, so you'll be saving yourself from notifications and wasted bandwidth.