Code playgrounds for your computer

npm install playgrounds@0.9.0



What is Playgrounds?

Playgrounds is an alternative to Codesandbox or webpackbin with the difference that it's running locally on your computer. This gives you the advantage that you can use your own editor which is already configured like you want. Playgrounds is build to quickly prototype new ideas or try out libraries but not for production ready applications.

Getting Started

# Install playgrounds on your machine
npm install -g playgrounds

# Create your first playground

You can use npx playgrounds to try out playgrounds without installing it globally.

Getting started



We support JSX for React, Preact and Inferno. We decide which transform we use based on the imports of the file. If you import from react we will transform JSX to React.createElement. If you import from preact we transform JSX to h. If you import from inferno we transform JSX to Inferno.createVNode. Otherwise we will disable all JSX transforms.

Automatic Node Package Installation

As soon as you import a package from NPM we will download it for you so you don't have to care about this. We also install peer dependencies so nothing is missing.

Getting started

Babel Macros

We support babel-macros out of the box. Feel free to use them.


We currently have templates for React, Preact and styled-components. We try to keep the templates as simple as possible because nobody wants to delete code they don't need.

You can override the existing templates or create a new template in your ~/.playgrounds/templates directory. Create a new directory with the template name and put everything there you want. Then you can use the template with playgrounds --template <template-name>.