A Postcss plugin which makes it easy to use svgs as background images and icons, while coloring them using css.

postcss, svg, icons
npm install postcss-svgicon@0.1.4



Colour and access SVG files easily in css.

This PostCSS plugin does three things:

  • Lets you define a directory of svgs as your icons folder.
  • Lets you easily access and color these svgs in your css.
  • Saves the icons as data-uris in your stylesheet as efficiently as possible, with only one uri per icon-colour combo.

It's a simple but effective icon system which required minimal config and maintenance, while allowing easy customization and excellent performance.

Postcss options

  • path: Path to a directory containing your svg files.
  • prefix: (optional) If your icon files share a common prefix, you can register it here. This allows you to reference your icons without the prefix. For example, icon_tick.svg can be referenced in your css simply as tick.

Example config

    path: '/path/to/icon/dir',
    prefix: 'icon_',

CSS helper function

In your css, you can now include and colour any icon form the registered directory using the svgicon(iconName, iconColour) function. iconName is simply the name of the svg file you wish to use, without the (optionally configured) prefix or the extension.


.my-icon {
    background-image: svgicon(tick, green);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;