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Primer is the design system that powers GitHub. Primer includes 23 packages that are grouped into 3 core meta-packages for easy install. Each package and meta-package is independently versioned and distributed via npm, so it's easy to include all or part of Primer within your own project.


The Primer repo is managed as a monorepo that is composed of many npm packages.

Core Packages

Package Version
Includes all 23 packages
primer-core npm
primer-product npm
primer-marketing npm


This repository is distributed with npm. After installing npm, you can install primer with this command.

$ npm install --save primer


The source files included are written in Sass (SCSS). After installing with npm, you can add your project's node_modules directory to your Sass include paths (AKA load paths in Ruby), then import it like this:

@import "primer/index.scss";

You can import individual Primer modules by installing them with npm, for instance:

$ npm install --save primer-navigation

Then, you would import the module with:

@import "primer-navigation/index.scss";

Or, while you're figuring out which modules you need, you can import them directly from the primer modules directory like so:

@import "primer/modules/primer-navigation/index.css";


For a compiled CSS version of this module, an npm script is included that will output a CSS version to build/build.css. The built CSS file is also included in the npm package.

$ npm run build

Releasing (Staff only)

You can find docs about our release process in


You can read more about primer in the docs.


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