Custom REPL for Node.js

repl, node.js, configurable
npm install rattle@0.0.1



Custom REPL for Node.js, with support for startup scripts and more (in the future)


As of now, I have not configured rattle to replace the node binary, the rnode command is created on your computer. Installation is very simple, just like all command line tools for Node.js:

[sudo] npm install -g rattle

Use sudo if you are running OSX/Linux, if Windows run the command as an Administrator

Startup Scripts and .noderc

When you type rnode, it will act like regular node, but with one (visual) difference: When you start up the REPL a message will display:

rattle vX.X.X

This is a part of the global startup script, which you can locate by typing

rnode --global

Any javascript you type in there will be execute on ALL REPLs across the entire system (that uses rnode)

Local .noderc

You can place a .noderc in any directory, which will execute whenever REPLs are opened there (not child folders, yet)