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A JavaScript library for display ads in React applications.

Integrate ads in your app the “React way”: by adding ad components to your JSX layout!

  • One central configuration file for all your Google Publisher Tags and Prebid placements (Prebid is optional)
  • One provider component that handles all the “plumbing” with googletag and pbjs, nicely hidden away
  • Ad slot components that get filled with creatives from the ad server when they mount to the DOM
  • Works well in single page applications with multiple routes
  • Suitable for server-side-rendering
  • Supports lazy loading, even for Prebid ads, individually configurable per ad slot

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To use it, you need to have a Google Ad Manager account set up to deliver display ads through Google Publisher Tags (GPT).

Optionally, react-advertising supports use of real-time header bidding with Prebid.


You can view a demo of this library online on CodeSandbox:

The demo uses the same test Prebid configuration as the code examples from the official documentation.


You can find documentation on how to use this library in the project's wiki:


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