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npm install react-popout-component@1.8.5


React Popout Component

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This is a React component designed for React 16 with complete Typescript support.


  1. This is developed along side with the React 16 fix to allow mounting across frames even for Edge and IE browsers
  2. Typescript support for all the options (especially hard to remember window features)
  3. Reflects style-loader injected styles from the main window to the children window


npm install react-popout-component


yarn add react-popout-component


import * as React from 'react';
import {Popout} from 'react-popout-component';

export default class App extends React.Component<any, any> {
    constructor(props: any) {
        this.state = {showPopout: false};

    onClick = () => {
        this.setState({showPopout: true});

    render() {
        return (
                <h1>Now you too have the power to POP OUT</h1>
                <button onClick={this.onClick}>POP IT OUT!</button>
                {this.state.showPopout && (
                        <div>You can put anything here!</div>


PopOut Component has the following props:

export interface PopoutProps {
    hidden?: boolean;
    name?: string;
    onClose?: () => void;
    onBeforeUnload?: (evt: BeforeUnloadEvent) => string | null | undefined;
    children?: any;
    options?: Partial<WindowFeaturesOptions>;
    html?: string;

The options prop is of the following type:

export interface WindowFeaturesOptions {
    left: number;
    top: number;
    height: number;
    width: number;
    menubar: boolean;
    toolbar: boolean;
    location: boolean;
    status: boolean;
    resizable: boolean;
    scrollbars: boolean;

Injection Mode

This component works well for both modes of style loading:

  1. Appending Style blocks (e.g. style-loader)
  2. Manual insertRule() into a CSSStyleSheet

For the second case with insertRule(), since there is nothing that can observe the insert event, a callback must be registered when a rule is inserted. For an example usage with the Microsoft Office Fabric, set it up as a global like so:

import {insertPopoutStylesheetRule} from 'react-popout-component';

window.FabricConfig = {
    mergeStyles: {
        onInsertRule: insertPopoutStylesheetRule


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