React, Redux, Webpack, Babel, Karma, and code coverage all provided for you

react, redux, react router, webpack, karma, istanbul, mocha, chai, react starter kit
npm install react-redux-karma-starter-kit@1.1.9


React Redux Karma Starter Kit

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  • I love React, but I hate setting it up. I seriously wasted my entire Friday night and all day Saturday trying to setup istanbul.

What this provides

  • This provides you with a React application that already has webpack, karma, babel, code coverage reports, redux, and react-router setup without you having to do anything. For some reason I couldn't find this anywhere.

How to use me

Create a directory.

In that directory, do npm init, follow the prompts,

then run npm install react-redux-karma-starter-kit

NOTE: If you do --save-dev or --save bad things will happen, so don't do it!!

SECOND NOTE: Keep in mind, this deletes your src and test folders and will overwrite other files: .eslintrc, .babelrc, karma.conf.js, and webpack.config.js

Once installation is complete, do npm test and that will run your unit tests with coverage generated in a coverage folder.

You can also do, npm start, which will run webpack-dev-server