Use redux-thunk with greater testability with middleware & actions

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npm install redux-pre-thunk@2.0.0


Redux Pre-Thunk middleware

Dispatch arrays before using redux-thunk and make your code testable again!

But why?

Let's say we have the following action:

function myThunkAction(firstArgument, secondArgument){
    return function(dispatch, getState){
        // call some backend service with arguments

and usage in some component:

dispatch(myThunkAction(firstArgument, secondArgument));

myThunkAction can be tested on your own, however if you try to test the place where it is used, you have either to repeat mocking the backend service as it was done in it's unit test or write a poor test which won't check it's parameters.

The test would look like this:

expect(dispatch).to.have.been.calledOnce; // not so informative, what if we change arguments and it fails?

You can't check the argument value as invoked thunk returns anonymous function. Passing wrong arguments will cause an error. You can even switch entire function as long as test only tells that something was dispatched. Not so good.

Is there way to avoid this test gap?


Using the following structure will allow us to check the arguments:

dispatch([ myThunkAction, firstArgument, secondArgument ]);

With test:

expect(dispatch).to.have.been.calledWith([ myThunkAction, firstArgument, secondArgument ])

This tells us clearly that all arguments are right in place. We are safe and ready to move forward without worries.


import preThunk from 'redux-pre-thunk';

Add middleware before thunk one. Now the following action will be handled:

// first argument is action creator followed by arguments which will be used
dispatch([ myThunkAction, firstArgument, secondArgument ]);


If you have some more ideas you're welcome to create the PR and discuss things together.

Have a nice day!