A light-weight CLI Tool for creating basic CRUD operations of REST API

rest, rest-api, create rest api, node.js, express.js
npm install rest-init@0.0.6



A Simple CLI Tool to create basic CRUD operations of a REST API


npm install -g rest-init

This will install rest-init globally on your system

Basic Usages

To Create a New Rest API

rest-init new

Answer the questions that follows and a REST Api will be created in your current working directory. The basic Dependencies will also get installed.

List of Dependencies that will be installed :-

  1. body-parser => For Parsing post request params
  2. dotenv => To Load .env file variables in process.env
  3. express => Express Framework
  4. mongoose => elegant mongodb object modeling for node.js
  5. morgan => Logger

Basic Directory Structure

- api
|-- controllers
|-- models
|-- routes
- node_modules
- .env
- .gitignore
- package.json
- server.js

After Creating Rest Api -

  1. Define Your Database URI in .env file
  2. Define Your Schema in api/models/schema.js

To Add new Resources to existing REST API

rest-init resource

Enter the resources that you want to add and the controllers and routes for new resources will be created in respective directories. If api directory is not found then it will create api directory.

To Get help about this CLI

rest-init --help

More Features are coming soon.

Happy Coding..!!