A release notes generator to help you in your daily work

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npm install rng-cli@1.3.0


📝 release-notes-generator

Easily generate changelog files.

Getting Started


We assume that you already have node v14.0.0 or higher installed.

To install rng just run:

npm i -g rng-cli

Or if you prefer:

yarn global add rng-cli


Run rng --help to see all available parameters.

Available commands

  • withGitHub: Generates release notes from GitHub
  • withLocalFile: Generates release notes from a local file, by default it tries to read CHANGELOG.md.

Available options

Available options for each command


  • -o, --organizationName: The name of the GitHub organization where your project is placed.
  • -p, --projectNumber: The number of the project in which your cards are beeing shown. This number can be found at the URL of the project.
  • -t, --token: Your personal token. Don't forget to give org and repo admin permission.
  • -l, --label: Pass any valid label if you want to filter your return with one.
  • -c, --column: Pass the name of the colon that you want to use to generate the data. This is required.
  • -r, --repository: Pass the name of the repository that you want to filter cards.
  • -s, --isSorted: Use to asc sort by card issue number.
  • -m, --milestone: Pass any valid milestone if you want to filter your return with one. The default value is null, when null return all cards. If you only want to return cards that do not have a milestone, send __NONE__ as parameter.


  • -f, --file: The path to the file where the changelog is located. Default is CHANGELOG.MD

Other info

When you are using withLocalFile command, remember to separate each version with the separator ---, the scripts will base the result of your changelog on it.


0003 My third change


<!-- Release 2.2.0 -->

0002 My second change
0001 My first change

If you run the script based on the file above, it will return everything above ---, so the result will be:

0003 My third change