For those lazzy bastard who don't like the FileReader

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npm install screw-filereader@1.4.3



For those lazzy bastard who don't like the FileReader :)

npm version

npm install screw-filereader

A promisified Blob reader was proposed. But not as a external API like FileReader... Nooo - this is prototyped to blob directly!

This makes it easier to read stuff from Blob's and File's

Here is an example

// require('screw-filereader')
// import screw-filereader

arrayBuffer = await blob.arrayBuffer() // awaits a promise
text = await blob.text() // awaits a promise
dataUrl = await blob.dataUrl() // awaits a promise
stream = // returns a web ReadableStream

// BinaryString has been avoided
// - Binaries just don't work well with strings face it.
//   Send the blob with ajax instead or use ArrayBuffer if you want to work with the data
// Until someone gives me a good reason why I should add them

// Just bonuses
// ------------
json = await blob.json() // awaits a promise (rejects if fail to parse)
img = await blob.image([preventRevoke=false]) // awaits a new Image object (rejects if fail to load)

// returns a blob url (same as [webkit]URL.createObjectURL(blob))
// can also return null if it's not possible like on chrome for iOS...
url = blob.url() || await blob.dataUrl() // this is what blob.image() dose behind the scene...

blob.image() will read the Exif rotation in jpeg images and rotate it accordingly

If streams are enhanced with web-streams-polyfill then you get all the benefits of pipes as well ✌️
Otherwise only a ReadableStream without pipe will be returned (but only in Blink)