Eye tracking module for browser and node.js

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npm install seeso@0.1.10


SeeSo Web Sample


SeeSo is an AI based eye tracking SDK which uses image from RGB camera to track where the user is looking. Extra hardware is not required and you can start your development for free. In 2021, SeeSo was recognized for its innovative technology and won GLOMO Award for Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Living!

  1. Supports multi-platform (iOS/Android/Unity/Windows/Web-JS)
  2. Has simple and quick calibration (1-5 points)
  3. Has high accuracy and robustness compared to its competitors.



Chrome Firefox Safari Edge
80 and above

Setting License Key

How to run

  • To run Gaze sample
$ npm install
$ npm run gaze
  • To run Calibration sample
$ npm install
$ npm run calibration

How to install SeeSo

  • Using npm:
$ npm install seeso
  • Using CDN: It will be available soon.
<script src="https://cdn.seeso.io/seeso.js"></script>

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