DNS service discovery and HTTP request helper.

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npm install service-call@1.1.2


Service Call

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Perform service lookups via DNS queries and make HTTP requests to those services. Designed for consul and similar service registries.

For example you make have a service registered with consul named stats and available with the DNS name service-stats.service.consul. Your consul DNS service should return the host and point of one or more services available in response to a SRV request.

GET Example:

const { serviceCall } = require('service-call');

const listProducts = serviceCall(process.env.PRODUCTS_DNS_NAME).get('/v1/products');

// store_id will be used as a query string in the GET request
const options = {
    query: {
        store_id: 42,

listProducts({}, options)
    .then(({ res, body }) => console.log('Products for store 42:', body.items))
    .catch(err => console.log('Service call failed!', err.message));


In development, you can introduce a controlled amount of failures & retries. Set the env process.env.SERVICE_CALL_CHAOS_PERCENT to a value between 0 and 1. Ex: 0.30 means 30% failure rate.

Retry options

Using the retry-promise package, any DNS or HTTP failures will be retried. The following retry options are available:

    max: 10,
    backoff: 1000,

POST example with more retrying

const { serviceCall } = require('service-call');

const retryOptions = { max: 6, backoff: 500 };
const createProduct = serviceCall(process.env.PRODUCTS_DNS_NAME, retryOptions).post('/v1/products');

const payload = {
    name: 'Example Name',
    brand: 'Example Brand',

    .then(({ res, body }) => console.log('Product created!',
    .catch(err => console.log('Service call failed!', err.message));