Skutter: Opinionated BDD Browser based test framework

BDD, Selenium, Webdriver, Protractor, Web Testing, Aurelia, Angular
npm install skutter@1.0.4


Skutter (scutter)

ˈskʌtə BRITISH verb 1. (especially of a small animal) move hurriedly with short steps. "a little dog scuttered up from the cabin"

Skutter is a web page test automation tool. It is highly opinionated in how it expects you to layout your test projects, but in return it provides a large amount of functionality out of the box.

What it does

Skutter enables developers, QA, architects, BA and possibly even management, to write tests for websites in simple english. A huge number of scenarios can be covered without having to write any supporting code.

Skutter leans on a number of existing technologies to provide a holistic testing platform, think of it as the glue between protractor, selenium and BDD (yadda).

As it has its roots in large enterprise application testing, Skutter provides a consistent set of reports/extension points/commands that were all born of necessity when testing large systems. A large investment bank has paid for the knowledge of what is required. You, luckily, get this all for free.

Further Reading

Visit the Skutter Wiki to find out more.