A JavaScript Discord Libary

Smart+, Smart, Plus, SmartPlus
npm install smartplus@2.0.9


Smart+ || SmartPlus

How to start?

  1. Download the package: npm install smartplus.
  2. Create a index.js file.

What to code? 💻

const SmartPlus = require("smartplus");
const bot = new SmartPlus.Client({
    token: "",
    prefix: ""


How to add commands? 📡

  1. Create a folder and name it commands.
  2. Create a file in the commands folder and name it to your command name.

What is the command basic? 💻

module.exports = {
    name: "Command Name",
    description: "Command Description",
    run: async (client, message, args) => {
        // The Command Code Here. ( SmartPlus, Discord.JS, NodeJS )

What are the client and command options?


    token: "", 
    prefix: "",
    status: "",
    statusType: "",
    embedColor: "",

Message & Command

  • Success embed: if (args[0]) message.DiscordSend("This is a success embed!")

  • Send a automatic error if (!args[0]) return message.DiscordError("No args provided")

  • Embed: message.DiscordSend({title: "test", descriptions: "test", color: "#00ff00"})

  • Find a member:

let member = message.FindUser(args[0]);
if (!member) return message.error("No member found!");
  • Find a channel:
let channel = message.FindChannel(args[0]);
if (!channel) return message.error("No channel found!");
  • Find a role:
let role = message.FindRole(args[0]);
if (!role) return message.error("No role found!");
  • Check user is guild owner: if(!message.member.CheckOwnership()) return message.error("User is no owner!");

  • Check user is admin: if(!message.member.CheckAdmin()) return message.error("User is no admin!");

  • Check user is moderator: if(!message.member.CheckModerator()) return message.error("User is no moderator!");