common http middlewares for spirit

spirit, middlewares
npm install spirit-common@0.0.3



Common http middleware setup for spirit.

It's purpose is to reduce boilerplate and avoid middleware ordering confusion.

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const defaults = require("spirit-common").defaults
const site = defaults("site") // returns a middleware with a lot of common http middleware supported

spirit.node.adapter(..., [site]) // use middleware with spirit node adapter

This sets up and provides body parsing, session, as well as other common middleware.

NOTE: By default it stores cookies in memory, to change, pass in a configuration object:

defaults("site", {
  session: {
    store: <A compatible express-session store, ex: new MongoStore()>

The secret used for cookies is auto-generated on startup, to use your own you can pass it in as an option too:

defaults("site", {
  session: {
    secret: "my_secret"

Aside from changing the session secret and store option, most other options are safe to leave alone.

If you wanted to disable a middleware used by defaults then pass in false as it's option, for example to turn off the console logger and session support:

defaults("site", {
  log: false,
  session: false

A list of middlewares used:

  log: true/false,
  proxy: true/false,
  ifmod: true/false,
  body: {
    json: ...,      // body-parser .json
    urlencoded: ... // body-parser .urlencoded
  session: { ... }  // express-session

For the 'body' and 'session' middleware, it uses the npm modules body-parser and express-session. So the same options can be passed in.

There is also a "api" configuration:


Which loads every middleware from the "site" configuration except session support.