A dataset for Taboo games

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npm install taboo-data@2.0.0





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A data set for Taboo games. Plain JSON files which contain the keyword, and some buzzwords like in the original Taboo game. It was originally created for my Taboo browser game.

Available languages: English, German


Data Structure

All lists are structured by using a key > value based approach. This means that the array keys contain the keyword like Bear and the array values contain the buzzwords, like Grizzly, Honey, Pooh.

Instead of having to parse all entries like before, you can now decode the whole file contents and directly use all entries out of the box.



You can use the data set by downloading it or use one of the following methods:


npm install taboo-data
yarn add taboo-data

Here's an example on how to use the package with Javascript:

import { TabooData } from 'taboo-data';

// Get all available languages, their categories and the category descriptions
const categories = TabooData.categories();

// Get the keywords for a specific category and language
const animals = await TabooData.getCategory('animals', 'de');

Please notice that importing the whole TabooData dataset will bloat your Javascript files as all entries from all categories are loaded. To import single categories manually or asynchronously, you can call them on their own:

import * as cars from 'taboo-data/src/data/de/cars';

const data = cars;


composer require kovah/taboo-data

Here's an example on how to use the package with PHP:

use Kovah\TabooData;

$categories = TabooData::getCategories();

$cars = TabooData::getCategory('cars');
// or
$carsDE = TabooData::getCategory('cars', 'de');



Found a bug or typo? Have a feature request?

Please open a new issue and explain what's wrong or what needs to be improved.


To contribute words, just add them to the appropriate category and add at least 3-4 buzzwords.


Taboo Data is a project by Kevin Woblick and Contributors