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npm install testcafe-reporter-reportportal-plugin@0.5.9


This is the reportportal-plugin reporter plugin for TestCafe.

Integrate with Reporter in your project

Install the reporter via NPM

npm i testcafe-reporter-reportportal-plugin --save-dev

Use the reporter in your TestCafe test run

When you run tests from the command line, specify the reporter name by using the --reporter option:

testcafe chrome 'path/to/test/file.js' --reporter reportportal-plugin


testcafe chrome 'path/to/test/file.js' --reporter=reportportal-plugin

When you use API, pass the reporter name to the reporter() method:

    .reporter('reportportal-plugin') // <-

Map of existing CLI Arguments:

Required Argument Description Example
Yes rdomain The domain of the report portal. https://{domain}/ --rdomain=reports.pl.portal.com
Yes rtoken The token to auth report portal with. Taken from the 'Profile' of your user. --rtoken=gfkbv5994350mg
Yes rlaunch The name of your launch. Required (Unless replaced by rlaunch-id argument). --rlaunch=my-launch
Yes rproject The name of your project. --rproject=my-project
No rlaunch-id The ID of an existing launch, can replace the rlaunch parameter. --rlaunch-id=fjvkdnvjgnf
No rsuite An optional suite name, adding a suite will put all tests under the suite instead of directly under the launch. --rsuite=my-suite-name
No rprotocol An optional ability to override the protocol of the API protocol. {protocol}://{domain}/. --rprotocol=http
No disable-live-reporting An optional ability to disable the live reporting --disable-live-reporting

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Dani Tseitlin (https://github.com/danitseitlin)