Connect to TestLink using XML-RPC API

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npm install testlink-xmlrpc@1.9.18-5



License: GPL v3

testlink-xmlrpc is a NodeJS module that connect with TestLink XML-PRC API in order to provide methods to handle Test Suites, Test Case and any other internal functionality exposed in the API.


The versioning is divided in two groups, separated with "-" (hyphen). The first part corresponds to last tested TestLink version. The second part corresponds to internal version, to control bug fixes, improvements, etc.


Library is prepared to work with JS Promises, so you should use them or Async/Await

const TestLink = require('testlink-xmlrpc');

let testlink = new TestLink({
    host: "testlink.my-server.com",
    port: 8080, // Set if you are not using default port
    secure: true, // Use https, if you are using http, set to false.
    apiKey: "MY_API_KEY", // The API KEY from TestLink. Get it from user profile.

Now you can interact with TestLink server. E.g.:

Check connection (with async/await)

async function checkConnection() {
	let ping = await testlink.sayHello();
	if (ping === "Hello!")
		console.log("connection established");

Validate API KEY (with Promise)

testlink.checkDevKey({devKey: 'APIKEY_to_check'}).then(reply => {
	if (reply === true)
		console.log("API KEY is valid");
		console.log("API KEY is invalid");

Create a Test Case (with async/await)

async function createTestCase() {
	let testCase = await this.testlink.createTestCase({
	     testprojectid: 5, // Project id in TestLink.
	     testsuiteid: 63, // TestSuite id in TestLink.
	     testcasename: "This is my new testCase", // Test Case name.
	     authorlogin: "my_user", // Author of Test Case.
	     summary: "This Test Case is an example", // Test Case description.
	     steps: [] // Array containing the Test Case steps.


The development of this project is completely separated from TestLink development. So please, before open any issue here or in TestLink issue tracker, make sure you are opening the ticket in the right place.


  • @kengsenghor Tests the very first releases and report issues