Searches for occurrences of a given search term in Node.js text streams

npm install text-stream-search@4.0.3


Text Search in Node.JS Streams

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This micro-library (no dependencies) searches for occurrences of a given search term (string or Regex) in a Node.js stream, i.e. anything that emits data events with Buffers or strings.

import { TextStreamSearch } from "text-stream-search"

const streamSearch = new TextStreamSearch(myStream)

// wait until myStream contains "hello"
await streamSearch.waitForText("hello")

// capture data from the stream
const matchText = await streamSearch.waitForRegex("listening at port \\d+.")
// matchingText contains something like "listening at port 3000."

// access the captured stream content
const text = streamSearch.fullText()

Related projects

  • StreamSnitch: does the same thing with regular expressions, but is buggy and blocks the event queue


All contributions and feedback, no matter how big or small, is welcome. Please submit bugs, ideas, or improvements via an issue or pull request.

  • run all tests: make test
  • run unit tests: make unit
  • run linters: make lint
  • fix formatting issues: make lint
  • see all available make commands: make help

Deploy a new version

  • update the version in package.json and commit to master
  • run npm publish