Connect/Express Error and Therror handler

therror, error, express, connect, errorhandler, middleware
npm install therror-connect@2.2.1



therror-express implements a connect/express error handler middleware for Therror.ServerError

Logs all errors (by default) and replies with an error payload with only the error relevant information. Currently supports content negotiation for text/html, text/plain and application/json.

It's written in ES6, for node >= 4

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 npm install --save therror-connect


const errorHandler = require('therror-connect');
const connect = require('connect');

let app = connect();

// The last one middleware added to your app
app.use(errorHandler()); // Some options can be provided. See below

Customize html with express

const express = require('express');
const app = express();

app.set('views', path.join(__dirname, 'views'));
app.set('view engine', 'ejs');

  render: function(data, req, res, cb) {
    res.render(`/errors/${data.statusCode}`, data, cb);


let errorHandler = require('therror-connect');

errorHandler(options) Creates the middleware configured with the provided options object

options.log [Boolean] can be

  • true: logs the error using the error.log({req, res}) method. default
  • false: does nothing.

options.development [Boolean] can be

  • false: Dont add stack traces and development info to the payload. default
  • true: Add development info to the responses.

options.unexpectedClass [class] The Therror.ServerError class to instantiate when an unmanegeable error reaches the middleware. defaults to Therror.ServerError.InternalServerError

options.render Function to customize the sent html sent.

function render(data, req, res, cb) {
  // data.error: the error instance. 
  // error name. Eg: UnauthorizedError
  // data.message: error message. Eg: User 12 not authorized 
  // data.statusCode: associated statusCode to the message. Eg: 401
  // data.stack: looong string with the stacktrace (if options.development === true; else '')

  // req: Incoming http request
  // res: Outgoing http response. Warning! don't send the html, give it to the callback
  // cb: function(err, html) callback to call with the html

Peer Projects

  • therror: The Therror library, easy errors for nodejs
  • serr: Error serializer to Objects and Strings


Copyright 2016,2017 Telefónica I+D

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