[thing-it-node] Device Plugin for LOGICDATA MQTT Devices products.

IoT, thing-it, MQTT, LOGICDATA, Smart Furniture, Smart Office, Occupancy Sensor
npm install thing-it-device-logicdata-mqtt@0.0.3




Device Plugins for [thing-it-node] and for LOGICDATA LOGIClink devices built into chairs, desks and other controllable furniture.

The Plugin currently supports the following Devices

  • Generic LOGIClink device
  • Controllable Chair
  • PControllable desk

Installation and Configuration

Installation of NodeJS and [thing-it-node]

First, install nodejs on your computer (e.g. your PC or your Raspberry Pi).

Then install [thing-it-node] via

npm install -g thing-it-node

Initialization and Start of [thing-it-node]

The [thing-it-device-logicdata-mqtt] Plugin is installed with [thing-it-node], hence there is no need to install it separately.

The Plugin supports Autodiscovery, hence you only have to create a directory in which you intend to run the configuration, e.g.

mkdir ~/logicdata-test
cd ~/logicdata-test

and invoke

tin init

and then start [thing-it-node] via

tin run

Install the [thing-it] Mobile App from the Apple Appstore or Google Play and set it up to connect to [thing-it-node] locally as described here or just connect your browser under http://localhost:3001.

LOGIClink Device Setup

Connect your logicdata Gateway to an IP network reachable from the [thing-it-node] Gateway you have configured above and connect/pair all logicdata Devices to it.

Mobile UI

The following screenshot shows the Devices in sample configuration: