Development-Mode for Thought

npm install thought-dev@0.1.3



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Development-Mode for Thought

This project is a development-mode for the thought project. It shows you, which partials are currently in use and allows you to override partials and store them in the appropriate locations.

Use at your own risk. This package is highly experimental. It works for me, kind of, but there are no tests at all. And sometimes, the server just breaks down. The code is not clean and everything is somehow work in progress. I'm publishing it anyhow.


npm install -g thought-dev


Go the the project folder and run


Then open a browser at http://localhost:3000 or whatever port is displayed in the console.

You will see a list of files in your project, probably including a

The file is generated by thought from Handlebars templates and a list of partials. You will see the partials on the left and the contents of the on the right.

  • Hover over the README and the areas generated by a partial will be highlighted.
  • Click on the README (even on a link) and the corresponding partial on the left will be opened.
  • You can click on Edit to override a file and open an editor (specified in the EDITOR-environment variable) on the copy.
  • You can click on Revert to delete the local file, which will revert the contents of the default version from the Thought project.

Editing the README


thought-dev is published under the MIT-license. See for details.


For release notes, see

Contributing guidelines