tomact-recipe 2.3.0

Tomcat recipe for Cloudify


Platform: npm

Language: Groovy

License: Apache-2.0

Keywords: cloudify, tomcat


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Cloudify Public Recipes

This repository is the primary project source of community and GigaSpaces recipes for Cloudify. This repository is considered "in development". For the latest stable versions of recipes please refer to the Cloudify distributions.


Feel free to fork the repository and add your own recipes. We promise to review and consider pulling the changes.

Using this Repository

This repository is divided into two sections:

  • apps: contains recipes for complete application stacks (e.g. tomcat + mysql)
  • services: Contains recipes for individual services (e.g. Apache HTTP server)


Cloudify Community Site:

Cloudify Source Code:

Cloudify Documentation:

Cloudify Users Forums:

If you use the Cloudify 2.5* Ga version, please use the following recipes version:

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2.3.0 November 28, 2012

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