Verify your deployed smart contracts on Etherscan/Blockscout from the Truffle CLI

truffle, plugin, ethereum, etherscan, blockscout, verify
npm install truffle-source-verify@0.0.6



This truffle plugin allows you to automatically verify your smart contracts' source code on Etherscan/Blockscout, straight from the Truffle CLI.

It extends truffle-plugin-verify to also support Blockscout.


  1. Install the plugin with npm or yarn

    npm i -D truffle-source-verify
  2. Add the plugin to your truffle-config.js file

    module.exports = {
      /* ... rest of truffle-config */
      plugins: ["truffle-source-verify"],
  3. Generate an API Key on your Etherscan account (see the Etherscan website)

  4. Add your Etherscan API key to your truffle config (make sure to use something like dotenv so you don't commit the api key)

    module.exports = {
      /* ... rest of truffle-config */
      api_keys: {
        etherscan: "MY_API_KEY",


On the command-line

Before running verification, make sure that you have actually deployed your contracts to a public network with Truffle.

To verify your contracts on Etherscan, run:

npx truffle run etherscan SomeContractName AnotherContractName --network networkName [--debug]

Supported networks: mainnet, kovan, rinkeby, ropsten, goerli.

To verify your contracts on Blockscout, run:

npx truffle run blockscout SomeContractName AnotherContractName --network networkName --license UNLICENSED [--debug]

Supported networks: mainnet, xdai, sokol.

See truffle-plugin-verify for more information.

In Javascript

// file: ./scripts/test_verify.js
// Usage: npx truffle exec ./scripts/test_verify.js --network rinkeby

const { verify } = require("truffle-source-verify/lib");

async function main() {
  const idx = process.argv.indexOf("--network");
  const network = process.argv[idx + 1];
  await verify(["BasicContract"], network, "UNLICENSED");

module.exports = (cb) => main().then(cb).catch(cb);