Fork from Uni Carousel React, A custom edited version of nuka-carousel

carousel, tuzebra-uni-carousel-react, react-component
npm install tuzebra-uni-carousel-react@0.1.20



Please note that this version works with react 0.13.* We have not updating this to react 0.14 for a while because we use react0.13 in out project.

This is an enhanced port of nuka-carousel

Features implemented in addition to nuka-carousel see Demo

  • Slide scrolls according to swipe speed.
  • End firction improved.
  • No empty space at the edges.
  • More suitable for carousel containing multiple items

Our primery aim to make this work in protrait mode with 3 items to show.

There is a difference from nuka-carousel, user does not need to pass slideToScroll as property any more, By default it is 1 and according to your swipe speed the slideToScroll adjusts automatically

For trial purpose you may install with

npm install uni-carousel-react --save

Documentation is much same as that of nuka-carousel. Remember this is just an extension of nuka-carousel with some additional features.

But you donot need to provide slideToScroll property any more. it defaults to 1 and changes accoding to swipe speed.

Feel Free to edit and make this code better

*Help me to improve performance of the code and to make a useful version so that react developers all over the world can use it with trust *