Tiny WebSockets

tiny, websockets, commercial, http, pubsub, router
npm install uws@99.0.0


µWS ("microWS") is a WebSocket and HTTP implementation for clients and servers. Simple, efficient and lightweight.

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Build optimized WebSocket & HTTP servers & clients in no time.

#include <uWS/uWS.h>
using namespace uWS;

int main() {
    Hub h;
    std::string response = "Hello!";

    h.onMessage([](WebSocket<SERVER> *ws, char *message, size_t length, OpCode opCode) {
        ws->send(message, length, opCode);

    h.onHttpRequest([&](HttpResponse *res, HttpRequest req, char *data, size_t length,
                        size_t remainingBytes) {
        res->end(response.data(), response.length());

    if (h.listen(3000)) {

Pay what you want.

A free & open source (Zlib) hobby project of mine since 2016. Kindly sponsored by BitMEX, Bitfinex & Coinbase in 2018.

Understand I don't take issue reports, suggestions or provide any support to free-riders. You want in? Become a sponsor.

Excel across the board.

Be fast, not broken.

Gracefully passes the entire Autobahn fuzzing test suite with no failures or Valgrind/ASAN errors. With or without SSL/permessage-deflate.