A specialized set of functions utilities that are highly reusable without creating any dependencies : arrays, strings, chars, objects, numbers, maths, date, colors, etc.

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npm install vegas-js-system-core@1.0.5



Vegas JS SYSTEM/CORE - version 1.0.4 is an Opensource Library based on ECMAScript for develop crossplatform Rich Internet Applications and Games.



Under tree opensource licenses :


⌜ Download

Download on Bitbucket the latest code, report an issue, ask a question or contribute :

⌜ Documentation

Get started with the the Vegas JS API :

⌜ Slack Community


Send us your email to join the VEGAS community on Slack !



You can install VEGAS JS with NPM or Yarn.

$ yarn add vegas-js-system-core --dev


$ npm install vegas-js-system-core --save-dev

Building and test the libraries

VEGAS JS SYSTEM DATA library use Yarn with a serie of powerful packages (Babel, Mocha, etc.) to compile and build this library.

⌜ Simple Build

1 - The first time, initialize the project and run yarn :

$ yarn

2 - Test + compile all the libraries :

$ yarn build

⌜ VEGAS (only) Build

1 - Build the ./dist/vegas-core.js : not minified + no comments + sourcemap.

$ yarn dev

2 - Build the ./dist/vegas-core.js and watch the changing into the ./src folder.

$ yarn watch

3 - Build the ./dist/vegas-core.min.js : minified + no comments.

$ yarn prod

4 - Build the ./dist/vegas-core.min.js and the ./dist/vegas-core.js libraries only.

$ yarn start

⌜ Examples

To launch the HTML examples, use the command :

$ yarn example ./examples/...

This command launch with the BrowserSync tool the html page of the example in your browser.

⌜ Unit tests

We use the Mocha and the Chai ( tools to run the unit tests of the VEGAS JS libraries.

1 - Run all unit tests

$ yarn test

2 - Run a specific library, use one of this command :

The --match option trigger the unit test engine (based on Mocha) to only run tests matching the given pattern which is internally compiled to a RegExp, for examples :

$ yarn test -g package.filename
$ yarn test --reporter nyan


⌜ Generates the documentation

The documentation of the framework is based on JSDoc.

Run the documentation build with gulp :

$ yarn doc

The documentation is generated in the folder : ./docs/bin


  • 1998 : Flash
  • 2000 : First framework concept and first libraries (components, tools, design patterns)
  • 2004 : First official SVN repository
  • 2007 : Fusion with the Maashaack framework (eden, etc.)
  • 2015 : Google Code must die - VEGAS move from an old Google Code SVN repository to this Bitbucket GIT repository and REBOOT this source code.
  • 2016 : Begin the new JS architecture of the VEGAS JS library based on ES6
  • 2018 : Cut the JS packages of VEGAS in a set of independent libraries.