A JSON tree view component that is easy to use and also supports data selection.

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npm install vue-json-pretty@2.0.2


Vue Json Pretty

A Vue component for rendering JSON data as a tree structure.

Now it supports Vue3 at least. If you still use Vue2, see 1.x.

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  • As a JSON Formatter.
  • Get item data from JSON.
  • Written in TypeScript with predictable static types.
  • Support big data.

Environment Support

  • Modern browsers, Electron and Internet Explorer 11 (with polyfills)
  • Server-side Rendering
IE / Edge
IE / Edge
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Using NPM or Yarn

$ npm install vue-json-pretty --save
$ yarn add vue-json-pretty

Use Vue3

$ npm install vue-json-pretty@next --save


The CSS file is included separately and needs to be imported manually. You can either import CSS globally in your app (if supported by your framework) or directly from the component.

    <vue-json-pretty :path="'res'" :data="{ key: 'value' }" @click="handleClick"> </vue-json-pretty>

import VueJsonPretty from 'vue-json-pretty';
import 'vue-json-pretty/lib/styles.css';

export default {
  components: {

Use Nuxt.js

  1. In plugins/vue-json-pretty.js
import Vue from 'vue'
import VueJsonPretty from 'vue-json-pretty'

Vue.component("vue-json-pretty", VueJsonPretty)
  1. In nuxt.config.js
css: [
plugins: [


  • If you are using only the normal features (JSON pretty), just focus on the base properties.
  • If you are using higher features (Get data), you can use base and higher attributes.
Attribute Level Description Type Default
data normal JSON data JSON object -
deep normal Data depth, data larger than this depth will not be expanded number Infinity
showLength normal Whether to show the length when closed boolean false
showLine normal Whether to show the line boolean true
showDoubleQuotes normal Whether to show doublequotes on key boolean true
virtual normal Whether to use virtual scrolling, usually used for big data boolean false
itemHeight normal The height of each item when using virtual scrolling number auto
v-model higher Defines value when the tree can be selected string, array -
path higher Root data path string root
pathSelectable higher Defines whether a data path supports selection function(path, content) -
selectableType higher Defines the selected type, this feature is not supported by default multiple, single -
showSelectController higher Whether to show the select controller at left boolean false
selectOnClickNode higher Whether to change selected value when click node boolean true
highlightSelectedNode higher Highlight current node when selected boolean true
collapsedOnClickBrackets higher Collapsed control boolean true
customValueFormatter higher A function that can return different html or strings to display for values in the data. function(data, key, path, defaultFormatResult) -


Event Name Description Callback Parameters
click triggered when a data item is clicked (path, data)
change triggered when the selected value changed (only the selectableType not null) (newVal, oldVal)

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