Vuetify form generator

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npm install vuetify-form-base-ssr@1.0.1


Vutify form generator base on a schema

Why I refactor and make a single file component for this package?

  • Reduce size
  • Resolved SSR issue in Nuxt.js
  • Add all dependencies in component

Install for Vue.js and Nuxt.js

You should install this package with the below command:

  • NPM npm i vuetify-form-base-ssr --save
  • YARN yarn add vuetify-form-base-ssr --save

How to use this package?

For general registration in Nuxt.js, you must add this package in plugin folder and add the file to Nuxt.config.js in the plugin section

Vue.component('VuetifyFormBaseSsr', () => import('vuetify-form-base-ssr'))

Or you can import this component to your desire components like as below

import VuetifyFormBaseSsr from 'vuetify-form-base-ssr'


Link to main site documentation