Firestore binding for Vuex

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Synchronize your data and Firebase Cloud Store database in real-time



Firebase provides two solutions to handle real-time databases: Realtime Database and Cloud Store (which is also a realtime database). In order to keep all clients data in-sync with its cloud database, their js SDK provides the tools to do so. However, it quickly becomes bothersome to bind multiple documents or collections to your application, keep them synchronized as well as handling references to other documents or collections, which can contain references themselves and must also be kept up to date. The goal of vuefire and vuexfire is to make this as simple as a function call that returns a promise so it is also easy to setup SSR and allows you to focus on developing your application.

To better understand why Vuefire will make it so much easier to develop Vue apps with firebase, please, check this link in the documentation

Note: This repository contains the code for vuefire and vuexfire packages:


Package version Description
vuefire vuefire-status Firebase bindings for vue
vuexfire vuexfire-status Firebase bindings for vuex
@posva/vuefire-bundler @posva/vuefire-bundler-status Rollup config to bundle packages
@posva/vuefire-core @posva/vuefire-core-status Core bindings used for vuefire and vuexfire
@posva/vuefire-test-helpers @posva/vuefire-test-helpers-status Helpers used across core, vuefire and vuexfire